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EPISODE203 - 'Spring Done Sprung!"
Around here things are changing quickly! Warmer temps have moved Spring right along and things are drying out. What do we do? How do we do it? Brent has the answers!
EPISODE202 - Podcast on Periscope!
Same quality podcast, just recording live on Periscope at the same time! Brent answers the most popular Spring gardening questions that we're getting these day, but one caller from California!
EPISODE201 - "Here We Go Again"
yes, we know...we've been negligent! But we're back and promising to be more consistent!
EPISODE199 - Being Green on the Inside and Out!
Brent talks gardening and Dan and Elizabeth Guinn from Dan Guinn Homes join us to talk about how to keep your home as energy efficient as possible! Find them at
EPISODE198 - 'Tete-aTete' w/ Brent and Becky's Bulbs
We've got a new format, we've got a sponsor, and an all new feel with our podcast! Give us your feedback!
EPISODE196 - Catching Up From April
As the evil magician in the old 'Frosty the Snowman' cartoon says, we've been "busy, busy, busy!" From trips, to gardening, to shipping to planning...we're late! But we catch up today with Brent! Enjoy!
EPISODE195 - Health, Wellness and Coldness
Stay healthy and garden! But, stay warm because it's been cold! Plus, questions answered!
EPISODE194 - We're Back and Strong in 2014!
After a hiatus of sorts, we're back and bring in lots of questions! Make sure you listen all the way through to hear Brent's new theme song!
EPISODE193 - Brent on Xtra99.1FM WXGM
Today Brent joins Neal on The Morning Show as they discuss all things bulbs, and then some!
EPISODE192 - Combo-Cast!
Join Jay and Brent as they answer your questions, then join Jay as he turns the tables and is the guest on the All-Things Plants podcast!
EPISODE191 - 'Tete-aTete' w/ Brent and Becky's Bulbs
Brent and Becky are in Vancouver, BC for the Perennial Plant Associations annual Symposium! Hear what they've seen and hear Brent answer your questions!
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